Help Desks / Support Centers

(800) 457-4454
in-state toll-free or
(501) 376-2211
local and out-of-state

Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative
(866) 322-4696 in-state toll-free or
(501) 301-8311 local and out-of-state

Magellan Medicaid Administration Pharmacy Help Desk
(800) 424-7895, Option 2 for Prescribers

PES Trouble-Shooting Notes

Please check these common issues before you contact the EDI Support Center:


Information about loading and setting up PES is available in the Arkansas Medicaid PES Handbook . Download the handbook.

Logging on for the First Time

When you open PES for the first time, the logon box opens with User ID filled in: pes-admin.

  1. Type HP-pes in the Password field, and then select OK.
  2. A Password Expired notice opens.
  3. If you choose Cancel, the Log On ends and PES closes. If you choose OK, a new box opens so you can create a unique password.
  4. In the Old Password field, type HP-pes. In the New Password and Rekey New Password fields, type the password you want to use.
Password Rules
  • Passwords are not case sensitive.
  • A password can be any combination of alpha, numeric, and special characters.
  • A password must have at least 5 characters but no more than 10 characters.
  1. From the list in the Security Question field, select a security question. In Answer and Rekey Answer, type the answer to the question.
  2. Select OK. The system notifies you that your password has been updated.
  3. Select OK. The system prompts you to set up your personal options.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Arkansas Medicaid PES Handbook to set up your options.

Which Version of PES?

To find out what version of PES is loaded on your computer,

  1. Open PES.
  2. From the Help menu, select About. A message box opens that displays the software’s version number.

The current version of Provider Electronic Solutions software is 2.25. If you currently use PES, you MUST upgrade to version 2.25 or you will be unable to submit claims to the new MMIS using PES.


If you are using any version of PES prior to version 2.15, you will need to install the latest version of PES (currently PES 2.25). PES versions 2.14 and below do not meet HIPAA-compliant 5010 format.

Bug fixes and system changes that necessitate a new PES release may cause issues with older versions of PES software. Upgrading as soon as possible after a new release of PES is available is highly recommended to avoid crashes and losing data. Waiting too long to upgrade your software may cause your system to crash when you must upgrade more than one version to get current. Upgrades should be applied sequentially. Skipping versions when upgrading increases the likelihood of system crashes.

The current version of Provider Electronic Solutions software is 2.25. If you currently use PES, you MUST upgrade to version 2.25 or you will be unable to submit claims to the new MMIS using PES.

Where can I get the software and upgrades?

Download PES software or upgrade your version from this website.

Trading Partner ID

Remember, you must have a Trading Partner ID to submit any electronic transaction—verifying eligibility, requesting prior authorizations, or filing claims.

Registrations for Trading Partner IDs are collected through the website throughout the day and processed at night. So, if you registered for a Trading Partner ID today, you won’t be able to use it until tomorrow.

Viewing Response Files

After you download response files and try to view them, you may get the message “No files to view”; or you may see the file name, size, and creation date and time, but the viewing window below may be blank.

If you have either of these problems, take the following steps:

  1. Locate the folder in which you loaded PES. (If you used the default folder when you loaded the software, the folder is named ARHIPAA.) Right click this folder. A list of options displays.
  2. Click Properties. The Properties window opens.
  3. Click the Advanced button. The Advanced Attributes window opens.
  4. Select For fast searching allow Indexing Service to index this folder. Click OK to close the Advanced Attributes window. Click OK to close the Properties window.

Call This Number for Help

If you have questions or problems related to electronic claims that were not answered here, please call the EDI Support Center.

Please Note: If you need assistance installing PES on your network or resolving transmission problems when using PES on your network, you will need to contact the technical support representative or team in your office. EDI does not support network issues.

In-state toll-free:
(800) 457-4454

Local and out-of-state:
(501) 376-2211

Select option 0 for “Other inquiries” and then option 1 for “EDI Support Center” when prompted.

Providers who file electronic claims can report “Host Processing Error,” “Unable to Assign ICN” or “Server is Down” messages during off hours by calling the EDI Help Desk at (501) 374-6609, ext. 290. This number is available Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and on weekends and holidays. Leave a message, and Help Desk personnel will be paged immediately. If you do not leave a message, a problem report will not be registered. Do not use this number to report claim rejections.

How do I Submit a 276 Request via PES?

To submit a 276 Request using PES:

  • Choose Forms > 276 Claim Status Request.

    PES interface

  • Enter both Billing Provider ID and Beneficiary ID for claims you wish to check.

    PES interface

  • Enter From Date of Service, To Date of Service and Charges (billed amount.)

    PES interface

  • Choose Save on the right and enter more claims if you wish to check more than one.

How do I Send and Receive 276/277 Batches via PES?

To send a 276 Claim Status Batch Request using PES:

  • Choose Communication > Submission.

    PES interface

  • Select 276 Claim Status Request in the Files to Send column then press Submit.

    PES interface

  • Choose 277 Claim Status Response in the Files to Receive column and press Submit to receive batch response.

    PES interface

Will I Receive a Submitters Acknowledgement When Using PES?

For submitters using PES, you will receive a 999 functional acknowledgement for all batch submissions.