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Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative
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Magellan Medicaid Administration Pharmacy Help Desk
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Billing Bulletins

Content updated September 12, 2018

As billing issues are identified, they are posted on this page. The most recent issues are at the top of the page. Please check back often to get the latest billing information.

If your billing question is not answered on this page, please contact the appropriate call center:

Need Help from DXC?

Added 11/20/17
Our Provider Assistance Center and EDI Support Center are open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.Need help?

If you need to call the EDI Support Center for assistance, please be prepared with the following information to expedite research:

  • Your provider number(s)
  • Your trading partner number(s)
  • Your method of submission – HealthCare Provider Portal, PES, upload via the portal or secure website, vendor system/billing company/clearinghouse

Also, please have the person most familiar with the electronic billing and expected responses contact the EDI Support Center.

Questions related to filing claims electronically, such as 999s, PES software delivery and loading, and transmission problems Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Support Center In-state toll-free:
(800) 457-4454
Local and out-of-state:
(501) 376-2211
Available Monday–Friday
6 a.m. – 6 p.m. except holidays
Providers who file electronic claims can report “Host Processing Error,” “Unable to Assign ICN” or “Server is Down” messages during off hours. This number is available Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and on weekends and holidays. Leave a message, and Help Desk personnel will be paged immediately. If you do not leave a message, no problem report will be registered. Do not use this number to report claim rejections. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Support Center (501) 374-6609, ext. 290
All other claim-related issues Provider Assistance Center In-state toll-free:
(800) 457-4454
Local and out-of-state:
(501) 376-2211
Available Monday–Friday
6 a.m. – 6 p.m. except holidays

Professional Claims that Span Multiple Dates of Service

Added 5/7/18
If you file a professional claim (837P and CMS-1500) with a ‘From and Through’ date span, you must use an ICD-10 diagnosis code that is effective beginning on the ‘FROM’ date of service. If the diagnosis code(s) billed are not valid on the ‘From’ date at the detail line, the detail will deny for 1036 – Diagnosis code not allowed for date of service. To correct a claim with this denial, providers should confirm the correct diagnosis code(s) valid on the From date of service and resubmit with appropriate diagnosis code(s).

This includes all services that allow, or are required per state policy to span a period of dates, such as global obstetrical CPT codes (i.e., 59400, 59510).

Billing for Inpatient Hospital Services When a Beneficiary is Incarcerated

Added 2/20/18
When an Arkansas Medicaid beneficiary is incarcerated by the Arkansas Department of Corrections, it must be indicated on the claim. (See Hospital Provider Billing Manual (Word, new window), Section 272.407.)

Crossover Claims Pricing Update

Added 1/11/18
Inpatient Crossover Claims
The new MMIS prices and pays inpatient crossover claims a little differently than the legacy system. The legacy MMIS paid coinsurance plus deductible for all crossover claims. The new MMIS pays the difference between the Medicaid Allowed amount and the Medicare Paid amount, up to but not exceeding the coinsurance plus deductible amount. Crossover claims will post an EOB 9915 – Pricing Adjustment – Medicare crossover claim cutback applied when the amount paid is adjusted to not exceed the coinsurance plus deductible amount.

Professional and Outpatient Crossover Claims
Professional and Outpatient crossover claims are still priced and paid according to coinsurance and deductible amounts.

Claim Submission Cutoff

Updated 11/30/17
Claims must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. each Friday in order to be included in the weekly financial cycle. Your claims must be included in the financial cycle to pay the following week.

For Pharmacy claims processed by Magellan, the claims submission cutoff is midnight each Thursday.

RSPMI Providers using Billing Vendors
(RSPMI EDI – X12 Field BHT06)

Added 10/27/17
If you use a billing vendor, your claims may be misinterpreted in the new system causing them to DENY unless X12 field “BHT06” has the value “CH.”

In the legacy MMIS, some claims have processed with a value of “RP” in this field; however, this value will cause a denial in the new MMIS.

Please make certain your billing vendor knows the BHT06 field values:

  • RP = Report encounter
  • CH = Claim for payment

The legacy system translator does not consider field BHT06 when accepting claims. The new MMIS translator DOES consider field BHT06. This issue MUST be addressed or your claims will be marked as encounters and will NOT PAY.

Claim Status Messages

When checking claim status, providers who use vendors or clearinghouses may be able to see only the claim status code, not the related description. Attached are lists of claim status categories and codes to help you interpret claim status.

These files are in Microsoft Word format. If you click a link and the document doesn’t open, download the free Microsoft Word Viewer so you can view and print the documents.

  • To view, click the link. The document opens in a new window. To return to this page, close the window.
  • To print, click the link. The document opens in a new window. Use the menu of that window to print (click File, then Print).
  • To save a copy to your computer, right-click the link to the document and then save the file to your hard disk.

Document Name File Name File Size Date
Health Care Claim Status Category Codes cscats.doc 130k 7/1/18
Health Care Claim Status Codes cscodes.doc 1.2MB 3/1/18