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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Support Center Calls

If you need to call the EDI Support Center for assistance, please be prepared with the following information to expedite research:

  • Your provider number(s)
  • Your trading partner number(s)
  • Your method of submission – HealthCare Provider Portal, PES, upload via the portal or secure website, vendor system/billing company/clearinghouse

Also, please have the person most familiar with the electronic billing and expected responses contact the EDI Support Center.

EDI, PAC, Provider Enrollment, and AIPT share the same convenient phone numbers:
(800) 457-4454 in-state toll-free or
(501) 376-2211 local and out-of-state.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Webinar

Updated 11/15/17
The recorded EDI webinar from Wednesday, November 8, 2017 is available for replay. (HTML, new window)

View or print EDI frequently asked questions from the webinar. (PDF, new window)

How to Submit a 276 Request via Provider Electronic Solutions (PES)

Added 11/9/17
To submit a 276 Request using PES:

  • Choose Forms > 276 Claim Status Request.

    PES interface

  • Enter both Billing Provider ID and Beneficiary ID for claims you wish to check.

    PES interface

  • Enter From Date of Service, To Date of Service and Charges (billed amount.)

    PES interface

  • Choose Save on the right and enter more claims if you wish to check more than one.

How to Send and Receive 276/277 Batches via Provider Electronic Solutions (PES)

Added 11/9/17
To send a 276 Claim Status Batch Request using PES:

  • Choose Communication > Submission.

    PES interface

  • Select 276 Claim Status Request in the Files to Send column then press Submit.

    PES interface

  • Choose 277 Claim Status Response in the Files to Receive column and press Submit to receive batch response.

    PES interface

PES Submitters Acknowledgement

Added 10/27/17
For submitters using PES, you will receive a 999 functional acknowledgement for all batch submissions.

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