What is Title XIX?

Title XIX of the Social Security Act provides for federal grants to the states for medical assistance programs. Originally enacted by the Social Security Amendments of 1965 and Public Law 89-97, Title XIX was approved
July 30, 1965. Title XIX, popularly known as Medicaid, enables states to furnish

  • medical assistance to those who have insufficient incomes and resources to meet the costs of necessary medical services
  • rehabilitation and other services to help these families and individuals become or remain independent and able to care for themselves

Each state has some sort of Medicaid program to meet the federal mandates and requirements as laid out in Title XIX. Arkansas, however, established a medical care program 26 years before passage of the federal laws requiring health care for the needy: Section 7 of Act 280 of 1939 and Act 416 of 1977 authorized the State of Arkansas to establish and maintain a medical care program for the indigent and vested responsibility for regulating and administering the program in the Arkansas Department of Human Services. This program receives federal grants under Title XIX. Thus Arkansas Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides necessary medical services to eligible persons who are not able to pay for such services.

The Medicaid program was implemented in Arkansas January 1, 1970. The Arkansas Department of Human Services administers the Medicaid program through the Arkansas Division of Medical Services.

Individuals are certified as eligible for Medicaid services through the state’s county Human Services Offices or District Social Security Offices. The Social Security Administration automatically sends SSI recipient information to DHS.