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System Documents

Companion Guides

The following documents are companion guides to the National Electronic Data Interchange Transaction Set Implementation Guides, ASC X12N. They are intended for vendors that design software or systems for submitting health care transactions electronically to Arkansas Medicaid. These documents supplement but do not supersede requirements outlined in the ASC X12N implementation guides.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires Arkansas Medicaid and other covered entities to comply with the electronic data interchange standards for health care as established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The ASC X12N implementation guides were established as the standards of compliance. These companion guides provide the supplemental requirements specific to Arkansas Medicaid, as permitted within the transaction sets. The transactions described in these guides are compliant with ACA 1104 standards.

To develop and test a system for Arkansas Medicaid transactions, follow both the applicable implementation guide and its companion guide.

Companion guide files are in Microsoft Word format. If you click a link but the document doesn’t open, download Microsoft Word Viewer free so you can view and print the documents.

  • To view, click the link to the guide. The document opens in a new window. To return to this page, close the window.
  • To print, click the link to the guide. The document opens in a new window. Use the menu of that window to print (click File, then Print).
  • To save a copy to your computer, right-click the link to the guide and then save the file to your hard disk.

New System
Version File Name File Size Last Update
270-271 Eligibility ASCN X12N/005010X279A Version 0.4 270-271_Companion_Guide.doc 432k 12/5/19
276-277 Claim Status X00510X212
Version 0.2
276-277_Companion_Guide.doc 259k 10/4/18
278 Prior Authorization X005010217E2 Version 1.0 278_Companion_Guide.doc 433k 3/29/17
820 Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products X00510X218
Version 0.2
820_Companion_Guide.doc 137k 10/24/18
834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance X00510X220A1
Version 0.9
834_Companion_Guide.doc 232k 9/29/20
835 Payment/Advice X005010221A1
Version 2.0
835_Companion_Guide.doc 222k 10/4/18
837 Dental X005010X224A2
Version 0.4
837D_Companion_Guide.doc 200k 4/28/21
837 Professional X005010X222A1
Version 0.5
837P_Companion_Guide.doc 225k 4/28/21
837 Institutional X005010X223A2
Version 1.5
837I_Companion_Guide.doc 199k 4/28/21
NCPDP Payer Sheet Magellan Medicaid Administration NCPDP D.0 Payer Sheet NCPDP_D0_Payer_Spec.doc 725k 2/4/15

EDI-X12 Submitter Resources



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CORE Services

Trading Partner EDI File Submission Methods/Instructions (Word, new window) offers vendors greater detail and guidance.

Trading Partner – Testing Guidelines

The following document is essential for vendors who are preparing to test HIPAA-compliant transactions.

Document File Name File Size
Trading Partner – Testing Guidelines TradingPartnerTest.doc 94k

Other Vendor Resources

The following documents contain additional information that may be useful to vendors:

Document File Name File Size
Trading Partner EDI File Submission Methods/Instructions bbs.doc 530k
HIPAA X12 Transactions Supported by Arkansas Medicaid x12tran.doc 53k
Miscellaneous Error Codes miscerror.doc 40k
Third Party Liability Major Coverage Codes tplcodes.doc 116k
Third-Party Liability Unit Contact Information DMSTPL.doc 31k