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What’s New for Arkansas Medicaid Providers

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Content updated September 13, 2019

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Billing for Bilateral Prosthetic Device

Added 8/29/19
Currently any professional claims billing a bilateral prosthetic device with one line and two units will get paid for both units. Beginning September 13, 2019, any professional claims billing a bilateral prosthetic device with one line and two units will cutback to one unit and deny the remaining units. The first anatomical modifier on the claim will be the one recognized as paid. To be paid for both devices, providers will either need to bill a new claim with the second anatomical modifier and 1 unit or bill their claim with two lines, each line having one of the anatomical modifiers and one unit.

Long Term Care Claims Must Be Billed With Admission Date

Added 8/27/19
Effective immediately, all Long Term Care providers must submit an Admission Date on all Long Term Care claims. If this field is not completed, claims will be denied.

Annual Billing Workshop

Added 8/22/19
DXC/AFMC will host the annual billing workshop in several locations around the state. Learn more and register now!

Greenway SuccessEHS Unable to Correctly Report MU for 2018

Added 7/9/19
The State of Arkansas is notifying EPs who use Greenway SuccessEHS they will be unable to attest to MU for 2018.

Greenway will not be able to institute fixes that would allow EPs to accurately report on MU measures. Greenway indicates they are working on fixes to Integry that should allow those EPs to attest soon. Providers will receive more information as soon as Greenway makes that available to CMS. Greenway also seems to have concluded their Prime Suite customers will not be able to accurately attest to MU. The State of Arkansas and CMS are awaiting further information from Greenway about this product before any recommendations may be suggested for further action.

Providers should refer to the May 9, 2019 notification from Greenway or view an excerpt of this notification (PDF, new window) regarding their CEHRT products and/or contact their Greenway representative at 877-932-6301.

Streamlined Arkansas Medicaid Revalidation Available for Providers Enrolled in Medicare

Added 4/17/19
CMS has established guidelines allowing providers enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid to be revalidated through a streamlined process. In order to qualify, provider information on file with Arkansas Medicaid must match the information in Medicare’s Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS).

Medicaid Provider Enrollment will begin checking PECOS for providers who must revalidate soon. If Provider Enrollment confirms a match between the two systems, revalidation will be processed with no further provider action necessary. To take advantage of this time-saving opportunity, Enrollment encourages providers to keep these important match criteria updated with Arkansas Medicaid and PECOS:

If Enrollment is unable to confirm a match between the two systems, the provider will receive a revalidation letter and be required to submit a full enrollment application to revalidate their enrollment as an Arkansas Medicaid provider.

New RA Messages

Added 8/29/19
Arkansas Medicaid released an RA message to Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility, and Hospice providers. View the RA message regarding Long Term Care Claims Must Be Billed With Admission Date. (Word, new window)

Arkansas Medicaid released an RA message to Prosthetics providers. View the RA message regarding Billing for Bilateral Prosthetic Device. (Word, new window)