What are Medicaid and ARKids First?


Medicaid is a program that helps pay for medically necessary medical services for needy and low-income persons. It uses state and federal government money. The Department of Human Services (DHS) runs the Medicaid program in Arkansas. Medicaid and Medicare are different programs. Medicare is federal health insurance. Medicare pays for covered medical services for people aged 65 and older, and for some people who have a disability.

ARKids First

ARKids First is health care insurance for children. ARKids First has two programs: ARKids First-A and ARKids First-B.

  • ARKids First-A is Medicaid for children.
  • ARKids First-B is for people who make too much money to get regular Medicaid, but do not have health insurance for their children.

When you fill out the ARKids First application, you can apply for both programs. DHS will decide whether you qualify for either program.