Prescription Drugs

The Prescription Drug unit is responsible for assuring that medically necessary pharmaceutical therapy is provided to Arkansas Medicaid clients. It seeks to deliver these services cost effectively while complying with all state and federal requirements.

The Prescription Drug unit

  • develops and interprets Medicaid policy regarding pharmacy coverage
  • coordinates drug-coverage restrictions, including prior authorization and generic upper limits
  • plans and facilitates meetings of the Arkansas Drug Utilization Review Board and incorporation of this board's advice into program policy
  • works with the fiscal agent and Retrospective Drug Utilization Review contractor to assure that drug therapies are prescribed and dispensed appropriately
  • coordinates the recoupment of pharmacy overpayments as identified by the pharmacy audit program
  • analyzes and implements changes as needed to comply with the program's budgetary constraints
  • coordinates communication with the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government agencies
  • coordinates with the fiscal agent regarding Medicaid drug-rebate issues as required by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Prescription drug information can be found online at the Magellan Medicaid Administration website (HTML, new window).