Office of Rules Promulgation

The Office of Rules Promulgation develops and maintains the Arkansas Medicaid State Plan and Child Health Insurance Program State Plan.

ORP develops and writes policy manuals for each of Arkansas Medicaid’s more than 50 programs. These manuals describe provider enrollment requirements, covered services, benefit limits, benefit-extension procedures, prior-authorization requirements, and billing procedures.

ORP also develops, maintains and monitors all Medicaid waiver programs. These programs include demonstration waivers (such as ARWorks and TEFRA), all Home- and Community-Based Services waiver programs (such as the ARChoices and Alternatives waivers), and other waiver programs such as the transportation waiver. The unit is also responsible for the associated provider manuals.

You can view or print both the Arkansas Medicaid State Plan (PDF, new window) and the CHIP State Plan (PDF, new window) on the DHS website.