Proposed Rules for Public Comment

In accordance with federal and state law, the Division of Medical Services of the Arkansas Department of Human Services must advertise and make available for public comment proposed new and amended rules and other documents, such as certain initial waiver requests and waiver renewals.

The proposed rules and other documents in this section have been advertised by public notice in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and are available, during the public comment period, for downloading from this website or by written request as instructed below.

The documents are in Microsoft Word or Excel format. When you click the link, the document opens in a new window. To return to this page, close the window. If you click a link and the document doesn’t open, download Microsoft Word Viewer or download Microsoft Excel Viewer free so you can view and print the documents.

To request a copy of the material or to submit comments, write to

Division of Medical Services
Office of Rules Promulgation
P.O. Box 1437 (Slot S295)
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-1437

Specify in your letter which document or documents you are requesting or on which you are commenting.

If you need this material in an alternative format, such as large print, please contact the Office of Rules Promulgation at 501-396-6428.

Document Date Deadline for Submitting Written Comments File Name File Size Comments, Responses, and Changes to Proposed Policy File Size
Proposed Rule Packet for SPA #2020-023 Physicians’ Evaluation and Management Code Rate Increase
(rule119 – 1 of 1)
10/11/20 11/9/20 IPpcktRule119.pdf 591k
Proposed Rule Packet for ARChoices 1-20, LCAL 1-20, PERSCARE 3-20, ARChoices and Living Choices Waiver Amendments, and Medical Services Policy C-265, I-630, I-640, and L- 120
(Eval – 1 of 1)
10/11/20 11/9/20 IPpckt-Eval.pdf 1.7MB
Proposed Rule Packet for SPA 20-0022 - Medicaid Personal Care Rate
(PCrate – 1 of 1)
10/11/20 11/9/20 IPpcktPersCareRate.pdf 619k
Proposed Rule Packet for Hospital Acute Crisis Units
(ACU– 1 of 1)
10/11/20 11/9/20 IPpcketHospACU.pdf 579k
Proposed Rule Packet for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) State Plan Amendment for Parity and Therapy Units
(CHIP – 1 of 1)
10/5/20 11/3/20 IPpckt-CHIP.pdf 3MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Repeal Section V of the Arkansas Medicaid Provider Manuals
(SecV – 1 of 1)
10/5/20 11/3/20 IPpckt-RepealSecV.pdf 798k
Proposed Rule Packet for DHS/DDS Rule Amendment for Occupational, Physicial, and Speech-Language Therapy
(Therapy – 1 of 1)
10/4/20 11/2/20 IPpckt-Therapy.pdf 1.3MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Early Intervention Day Treatment provider manual update (EIDT-1-20) and DDS EIDT Rules
(EIDT – 1 of 1)
9/30/20 10/29/20 IPpckt-EIDT.pdf 1.5MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Adult Developmental Day Treatment Medicaid Providers
(ADDT – 1 of 1)
9/28/20 10/29/20 IPpckt-Rule103.pdf 3.7MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Community Support System Providers
(CSS – 1 of 1)
9/25/20 10/27/20 IPpckt-Rule116.pdf 1.2MB

The following documents are no longer available for public comment. The policy in these documents is proposed and subject to change until it has been approved as final policy. Current policy can be found in the “Provider information” section of this website. View “What’s new for providers.”
View “Provider manuals, notices of rule making, official notices, and RA messages.”

Document File Name File Size Comments, Responses, and Changes to Proposed Policy File Size
Proposed Rule Packet for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Implementation IPLtrRule68Pckt.pdf 3MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Community and Employment Supports (CES) Home and Community Based Waiver IPpckt-Rule51.pdf 3MB
Proposed Rule Packet for SPA#2020-0017, Hyperalimentation 1-19, and  Prosthetics 3-19 provider manual updates SPA20-0017Pckt.pdf 669k
Proposed Rule Packet for SPA#2019-0009, Transportation 1-19, Administrative Procedures for the Emergency Medical Transportation Assessment Fee and Access Payments TranspPckt.pdf 970k
Proposed Rule Packet for Rule 85 - Episodes of Care EOCPckt.pdf 909k
Proposed Rule Packet for Medication Assisted Treatment MATPckt.pdf 14MB
Proposed Rule Packet for Medical Services Policy Manual Section E-200 MSE-Pckt.pdf 902k
Proposed Rule Packet for Ambulance Services – SPA 2020-0009 and Transportation Provider Manual AmbulancePckt.pdf 722k
Proposed Rule: SPA 2020-0006 and Arkansas Medicaid Hospital Provider Manual Packet-Rule-95.pdf 832k
Proposed State Plan Amendment 2020-0012 – Personal Care Rate 419B13markup.doc 47k
Proposed State Plan Amendment SPA 2020-0010 SPA2020-0010clean.doc 55k
Proposed State Plan Amendment SPA 2020-0010 with tracked changes SPA2020-0010tracked.doc 54k
Proposed HOSPICE-1-19 Transmittal Letter HOSPICE-1-19.doc 91k
Proposed HOSPICE-1-19 provider manual update HOSPICE-1-19Clean.doc 66k withdrawal-HOSPICE.doc
Proposed HOSPICE-1-19 provider manual update with tracked changes HOSPICE-1-19tracked.doc 69k
Notice of Rule Making - Rule 30 Living Choices Assisted Living Rate Change NoRM-LCALRateChge.doc 37k  LCALComment.pdf 132k
Living Choices Assisted Living Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver LCALWvrAmend.doc 100k 
Living Choices Assisted Living Medicaid Provider Manual LCAL-1-19prom_tracked.doc 58k 

The Arkansas Department of Human Services is in compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act and operates, manages and delivers services without regard to religion, disability, political affiliation, veteran status, age, race, color or national origin.