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PASSE Model of Care

The Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) is a new model of organized care that will address the needs of certain Medicaid beneficiaries who have complex behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disabilities service needs.

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Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) UPDATE
Added 3/4/19
Medicaid Providers cannot ask PASSE Medicaid beneficiaries to pay out of pocket or cash for Medicaid services. Cost sharing requirements are not permissible under the PASSE program.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Entry of Electronic PAs Using AFMC ReviewPoint Portal to Continue
Added 2/28/19
We are continuing to optimize the Arkansas Medicaid Prior Authorization Process to ensure the best possible experience for providers and beneficiaries. Prior Authorization requests reviewed by AFMC should continue to be submitted in the AFMC ReviewPoint Portal (HTML, new window) until further notice.

Although you can enter the DXC portal now and familiarize yourself with the interface, the DXC Provider Portal will formally launch at a later time and you will be informed when to start using the system for actual submission of prior authorization requests and documents. Until then, please continue to use the AFMC ReviewPoint Portal (HTML, new window) for all prior authorization submissions reviewed by AFMC.

Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) Will Go Live on March 1, 2019
Updated 2/28/19
The Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) model of care is a State health plan created to meet the needs of approximately 40,000 Medicaid beneficiaries with complex behavioral health, developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

Beginning March 1, 2019, you will no longer bill Medicaid for these Medicaid beneficiaries but will instead bill the individual PASSEs. Submitting Fee-For-Service claims for PASSE beneficiaries on or after 3/1/19 will result in denial of the claim.

We encourage you to ENROLL IN ALL THREE PASSEs to ensure you can continue to provide services for your Medicaid clients enrolled in a PASSE. Each PASSE member will receive a new ID card prior to March 1, 2019. This card will have the PASSE logo and will identify to which PASSE the beneficiary belongs. Providers can log into the HealthCare Provider Portal (HTML, new window) beginning February 15 to verify Medicaid eligibility and to find the beneficiary's assigned PASSE.

Who are the PASSEs?
Arkansas Total Care – 1-844-631-6830 (option 4)
Empower Healthcare Solutions – 501-707-0920 or 501-707-0928
Summit Community Care – 1-844-405-4295

Get more information about the PASSE Model of Care at https://humanservices.arkansas.gov/about-dhs/dms/passe (HTML, new window) or contact Tanya Giles, Division of Medical Services, at 501-320-6189.

PI/MU Deadline for 2018 Attestations
Added 1/25/19
The Arkansas Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program Meaningful Use (MU) deadline for 2018 attestations is 3/31/2019.

Any applications submitted by the 3/31/19 deadline that are assigned PENDING status for further corrections and assistance from AIPT will be given an extended deadline. All pending applications must be fully completed by June 1, 2019.

Current Demonstration Waiver Projects
The Division of Medical Services will provide public notice and allow input processes for its intent to submit written applications, renewals or amendments to any 1115(a) demonstration waiver projects that will be sent to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Learn more about current demonstration waiver projects.

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